SSME – Digital Portfolio

This blog will document the following:

– Creation of Digital resources

– Keep a record of my thinking and process

– Drafts of work

7th June 2017

To make my HSC Music 2 Unit of Work as realistic as possible and also practical as possible, I have designed it based on my younger brother’s class (going into year 12 in term 4). He is at St Andrew’s Cathedral School so I have taken in certain factors of their school to base my unit of work off. Some of the privileges that private schools such as St Andrews has is having a full time accompanist at the school. This plays a huge advantage and I will incorporate opportunities for students to maximise the use of this privilege. Performance opportunities is another advantage students at this school have. Any students years 7-12 have the opportunity to perform publicly twice a week, once at the Monday Lunch time concert held in the Cathedral with office workers from local buildings coming to watch, and secondly at the Music Maestros concert which is held on a Thursday after school in a large open room use a performance space where fellow students and teachers come to enjoy. And finally the facilities are a huge advantage and I will try and maximise the use of 1 large performance room, 15 practise rooms and 4 classrooms.

8th June 2017

The first step I have taken is to chose the five pieces in which the Year 12 Music 2 class will study over the HSC year. I first brain stormed a few pieces to pick from and chose the following five. I have tried to chose pieces which vary in performing media to provide the students with a wide range of musical genre as well as instrumentation. As the syllabus says the topic of “Music of the last 25 years” should have an Australian focus, I have chosen 4 Australian works and one work by Ligeti (Romanian/Hungarian/Austrian). One work studied by the class during their HSC year must be one that is not Art music. Nintendo Music by Matthew Hindson could be represented not only as Art Music but as Multimedia music as it is game music represented and portrayed through an art music idiom. I have also chosen Australian Jon English’s work “Business” from Paris a rock musical. As I intend on designing this Unit of Work with a basis for St Andrew’s I have chosen one of the many works in which was commissioned by the school for the school.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 7.05.17 PM.png

9th June 2017

Since that I have not made my mind up yet in regards to choosing one piece to focus on within the unit of work, I have decided to start by gathering the scores and recordings of all five of the pieces that the students will study in their HSC year.

For “Nintendo Music”, “Gypsy Ramble”, “Kyrie” and “A Long, Sad Tale” I was able to access the scores from the Sydney Conservatorium Library however for “Nura” I had to access the score at St Andrew’s Cathedral School as it is a work commissioned by them. I have decided to scan and keep an electronic copy of these scores and also try to find a recoding of the works.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.30.33 PM.png

10th June 2017

After coming up with a good repertoire for my HSC year 12 Music 2 program it was hard to pick out one piece to focus on for this unit of study. After careful thought I have chosen to use Elena Kats-Chernin’s Gypsy Ramble as the focus work for this unit of study.


11th of June 2017 

After researching into what programs schools use today, it seems that OneNote seems to be a popular platform with much electronic resources stored in google drive systems and accessed through OneNote.

To ensure my program was up to date using programs which are mostly used in classrooms in 2017, I decided to deliver my resources through OneNote. However there is one issue….I have no idea how to use OneNote!


15th June 2017 

After playing around with OneNote for a few days and watching many tutorial videos on Youtube, I have finally mastered the usage of OneNote and its fantastic educational capacities and benefits for both students and teachers.


20th June 2017

I have finally created my resource for “Gypsy Ramble” by Elena Kats Chernin. I have followed the same formatting and style as the Sydney Symphony’s Meet the music programs.


28th June 2017

After a long hustle I have finally written up and finalised my lesson plans and Unit of Work. The OneNote resources from what I think is ready to go…..


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