POL & Final Review of MUED4002

Presentation of Learning (POL)

Presenting our MUED4002 – Technology in Music Education assignment at the Presentation of Learning evening was a part mandatory part of passing the course. On the 18th of November at the Con Cafe inside the Sydney Conservatorium the Presentation of Learning was held and students were able to present their negotiated digital creative project on either the stage through a talk, presentation or performance or to display their work on computers and screens around the room. Our lecturer James Humberstone was able to invite not only the Sydney Conservatorium community but also teachers from the professional teaching community and the educational technology community and even guests from Apple and Musica Viva.

I feel as if everyone had mixed feelings about the Presentation of Learning evening. Many were nervous about presenting, many were relieved that this HUGE project had come to an end and everyone was excited not just to present their own but to see what everyone had worked on this semester.

Our group (Aleksandar Stojanovic & Paolo Torresan) was second to present on stage on the night. As shown in the photos below we were able to show segments of our documentary and explained the context behind the making and process of our negotiated digital creative project. Throughout the night it was really encouraging to receive heaps of positive feedback not only from my peers an lecturers but also from people I met on the night!

As the evening went on I was able to see the amazing work of my fellow peers. Through their presentations of documentaries, compositions and stalls displaying work such as iBooks, Microsoft Sway presentations my knowledge of these technologies was enhanced. The PoL was really able to show me how little I still knew about the technologies in Music Education scene and how much I still need to learn and master before I end up in a classroom as a teacher. However the PoL did this in an encouraging way and has inspired me to try these new technologies not for my own sake but to further enhance my future students learning experience in Music Education.

To view my Negotiated Digital Creative Project, click HERE

To view my fellow peers’ Negotiated Digital Creative Projects, click HERE

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Final Review of MUED4002 – Technology in Music Education Course

The MUED4002 – Technology in Music Education course has been a massive learning experience for not only myself but also for my peers. Prior to taking this course I had been exposed to nearly all the technologies we explored throughout the course so I did not feel like I was playing catch up too much in comparison to some of my peers. However I had never thought too much about how I could incorporate and implement these technologies in the Music Education Scene. I was also awaken to the potential these technologies have in being used a learning tools for not just the future classroom of Music Education but the present day Music Education classroom!

Not only has this course changed the way I think as a Music Educator but also as a performing musician as well. Most of the work that I have done with young and upcoming artists in genres outside Western Art Music has been for recording purposes. I get asked to play cello for these young artists and prior to this course I would rock up, sight read the music they give me (or sometimes verbally explained…) and would just go through the motions. However this course has now given me the knowledge of:

  • Each different DAW used by artists, how they work and the similarities and differences
  • Different Microphone used for recordings and how each one works.
  • The possibilities of editing an audio recording after a take.
  • Not just the audio recording processes but also the video recording processes

which has hopefully developed my knowledge making me become a better recording musician!

To hear the some of my cello lines in Cambio Sun’s track click the link below!

Cambio Sun – Mad As They Come 

As tedious as blogging has been I feel like I actually understand why we are required to do this as part of our course. As I do my final few blogs finishing up the course I have been able to reflect through the blogs and see the progress of my learning throughout the course.

The final words of this blog definitely has to be to thanks James Humberstone our lecturer for not only putting a huge amount of effort into our learning for this subject and other subjects as well, but also for the huge amount of support you have provided the 3rd Year Music Education cohort at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music! We definitely would not have made it through this semester without your guidance so a big thank you from all of us!

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